Nutcracker Rooibos Tea


1 oz. makes approximately 5-6 cups of tea (8 oz.)


$3.36 per oz.


This delicious rooibos tea has just the right blend of rooibos tea, caramel and hazelnut flavorings.  Wonderful tea to sip while sitting near a fireplace on a cold night!


Rooibos Tea (pronounced "roy boss") comes from the South American plant, African Red Bush.  Known as Red Tea for its beautiful reddish-brown color. Rooibos has a delightful earthy flavor and is naturally sweeter than other teas.


Rooibos tea is known to strengthen the immune system.  It has high levels of antioxidants and minerals including iron, zinc, and potassium.  It's known for it's high level of anti-aging properties also.  According to Dr. Josh Axe, Rooibos Tea contains 50% more antioxidants than Green Tea!




Caffeine Free


Ingredients:  rooibos tea, apple pieces, cocoa nibs, natural caramel and hazelnut flavorings, marigold flowers, blue cornflowers and natural chestnut flavor.


Health Benefits of Rooibos Tea:


Full of Anti-inflammatory & Antioxidant Properties

Improves Heart Health

Treats Diabetes

May Prevent Cancer

Aids in Digestion

Supports Strong Bones

Helps You Lose Weight

Treats Allergies

Keeps Skin & Hair Young


From Dr. Axe website.


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