White Jasmine Jubilee Tea


1 oz. makes approximately 5-6 cups of tea (8 oz.)


$4.85 per oz.


Our White Jasmine Jubilee is a subtle white tea blend of rosebuds and jasmine pearls.  Jasmine is uplifting and used as an antidepressant in herbal medicine.  Rosebuds have a calming effort on the mind.  The combination of these two sweet-smelling plants relieves stress plus sharpens and soothes the mind.  The floral fragrance is a delight at the end of a stressful day.


Caffeine:  Low


Ingredients:  white tea, jasmine green tea, rosebuds and petals.


Health Benefits of White Tea:

High in antioxidants

Improves oral health

Amps up fat burning

May kill cancer cells

Improves reproductive health

Protects brain health

Reduces cholesterol levels


From Dr. Axe website.

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