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Ways to Use Vintage Teacups

I bought a beautiful teacup at an antique store on my visit to Maryland this past spring.. I mailed it to myself so that I wouldn't have to travel with it. I was excited when I saw my package on my doorstep when I returned home. Unfortunately, my teacup was cracked and chipped during the shipping process. I was disappointed, of course.

The teacup still looked fine, but the crack made it unusable for hot tea. I asked a few friends for suggestions to use my cup in a different way. I went online to find some suggestions too, mainly Pinterest. I want to share with you the great tips I received from others....

Here is my chipped tea cup that I now use as a pot for small succulent plants.

My friends, Sandy and Jodi, suggested using your teacup as a bird feeder. Fill the cup with water for a bird bath and use the saucer as the bird feeder. Thanks for the picture, Jodi. Love this!

My friend's daughter, Hannah, made this adorable "fairy land" with her teacup. I love this idea. Just look at the detail. Very creative!

You can use your teacup as a centerpiece for a small table. I do this often, but not with damaged teacups. I used the good ones. Put it on top of a vintage book and add a large rose bloom in the cup. If you really want to spruce it up, add a ribbon to it!

Some Pinterest ladies suggested using teacups as a small container for sewing notions such as bobbins, buttons, thread, etc.

Or turn it into a pin cushion like this.

This would take a lot more work, but what a beautiful display of teacups and teapots in this teacup tree!

You can use your teacup as a cupcake holder for special dinners/tea parties.

What little girl wouldn't love her ice cream served in a delicate tea cup? Big girls too!

Turn your teacup upside down on it's saucer to make a cupcake, cake, or candy stand.

This one would be challenging, but if you know how to work with wires, go for it! What a gorgeous lamp teacups would make.

Try using your tea cup as a candle holder. If you know how to make candles, try melting the wax in the cup with a wick to make a candle inside the cup!

My friend, Tammi, uses an old vintage tea cup as a candy dish. Set a few around your house, not just on the table for dessert time. This would be perfect in a guest room. What friend wouldn't love a plate of chocolates on their nightstand?

But, my favorite way to use vintage tea cups are as gifts (not broken ones, of course). Fill the cup with a sweet treat, put into a gift bag or wrap in a large clear treat bag. Add a ribbon and you have a personal gift that is sure to make someone feel loved. It makes a perfect gift for just about any occasion.

Vintage tea cups make great gifts - fill with a sweet treat and add a beautiful ribbon.

So, as you see there are many ways to use vintage teacups. Don't have time to make a gift? I can help! I now offer a gift service in our Shoppe. I would love to make a beautiful teacup gift set for you like the one pictured above. Keep it simple with just chocolates, or put in some add-ons such as our scone mixes, a bag of loose tea, infusers, honey sticks, or candle. We even have tea themed greeting cards. The options are endless! Contact me if have any questions regarding our Vintage Tea Cup Gift Service.

I hope you enjoyed learning about all the different ways to use vintage teacups. If you have a suggestion that is not on this blog post, I would love to hear about it. I can always add it to this post. Let's share our ideas!

Have a blessed day!







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