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The Snoopy Exchange

It’s interesting how the death of a loved one can motivate you. That’s what happened with me and my brother after the death of our mother. We live 1500 miles from each other and I was dreading going back to living with the occasional phone call and visit. It was my heart’s desire to stay better connected to him. I prayed and the Lord heard.

Knowing that my brother is a huge snoopy fan (me too), I decided to start finding ways to connect us with the Peanuts Gang. I started sending him a picture of Snoopy (or other Peanuts character) every morning over text with a good morning message. He loved it! After 5 years we are still going strong! This is a sweet part of my morning routine and it only takes a few minutes. After a while, my brother began sharing these pictures with his friend whose wife passed away. His friend felt loved through this small gesture at a time he needed connection.

This has been a fun way for Dennis and I to stay connected. Of course it’s not the snoopy image but the intentionality behind the act that has connected our hearts together. I believe the Lord knew exactly what we both needed. I cherish these moments with him. We both agree that this small act has blessed our relationship immensely.

What about you? Do you need to better connect with a family member or friend? Ask the Lord to show you ways to do that. He will answer you and you may be amazed how He does.

I’d love to hear how you stay connected with others! Please share.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day!



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