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Prayers of Jane Austen

We have all heard of “our daily bread.” But have you ever thought about our daily comforts? This has been stirring in my heart for several days now, ever since I started reading my new devotional about the three prayers of Jane Austen - Praying with Jane by Rachel Dodge. I appreciate how the author broke down each segment of the prayers and writes about each topic thoroughly. Beautifully written!

Jane Austen is known as a deep thinker and a brilliant writer. I agree wholeheartedly, along with C.S. Lewis who speaks so fondly of her. It’s his thoughts about her that has made me study her a little more, which has led me to this devotional.

Jane’s thought-provoking prayers have a way of lingering long after the book is closed. They have made me rethink about the “comforts” in life I enjoy every day. I'm talking about the seemingly small things that are not so small after all. Things like having a soft pillow to lay my head on and a warm blanket to snuggle under. Not to mention the obvious blessings... clean water, a home to live in, food to eat, etc.

Jane Austen doesn’t mention specifics in her prayers, but only uses the word “comforts,” but I love how the Lord has taken that one word to awaken me to the million ways He cares for me.

There are so many gold nuggets in Jane’s prayers. Daily comforts is only one of them. I truly enjoy this book and I’m sure I will read it many times. I highly recommend this devotional to any Austen lover.

How about you? What comforts do you enjoy in your life? Let’s give that some serious thought today and remember to express our gratitude to our God who has lavished us with His love and daily comforts.

Thanks for reading!



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