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Planning Your Summer Tea Party

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

Want to have a summer tea party but not sure where to start? I understand. I'd like to share with you some tips that has always helped me. If you are new to hosting tea, I suggest starting small and work your way up from there. I'll also point you to other websites that can help.

First, here are a few brainstorm questions to get your started....

When is a good time to have my party?

Who will I invite?

How will I invite them? Women only? Little girls? Family members?

Will I send nvitations through the mail? Text, call, or Facebook?

Will I have a theme?

What food will I have on the table? (Write out your menu and start making your shopping list)

Will it be simple or maybe a little more involved?

Where will it be? In my dining room? Outdoors?

What tea accessories will I need?

Will I use a tablecloth?

Will I use teapots or only single tea servings?

Do I have enough teacups/mugs?

10 Tips to Having A SIMPLE and SUCCESSFUL Tea Party

1. Plan, Plan, Plan. So, whether you decide to have a simple tea party with just you and your granddaughter, or a group of 10 friends, planning is the key to a successful party.

2. Write EVERYTHING down! Planning a party has a ton of tiny details. It's best to get your thoughts organized.

3. Have flowers on the table. Whether you use a large vase or just one small rose, this will turn any regular table into a piece of beauty!

4. Use white table cloth or sheet. This will help make the colors on the table really pop out! Set up the table as much as possible ahead of time in order to save time later.

5. Use candles if possible (use caution if your tea party involves young children). Even a small candle will make the room inviting and beautiful.

5. Have an assortment of teas. If you decide to use teapots, try to have at least two different kinds of tea for your guests to choose from. Everyone loves choices!

6. If using teapots, try to use a teapot warmer so that your tea doesn't get cold too fast.

7. Use sugar cubes as an option for sweetner. I know it's not the healthiest version of sugar, but it does make a tea party fun, especially for little girls. At every tea party I've hosted, they never fail to comment on the sugar cubes! Want to really get fancy, try using colored ones. Here is a recipe to check out... https://www.craftsy.com/cake-decorating/article/homemade-sugar-cubes/ For sugar molds, you can buy them on Amazon here. I think any small flexible candy mold will work.

8. Search the internet for free tea party recipes. To keep things simple, consider getting some of your items from the grocery store or restaurant (for example... soups, sandwiches, cookies, etc.).

9. Depending on how fancy you want to get, wear something extra pretty to your tea party. Encourage your guest to do the same. If you really want to dress up the occasion, wear tea party hats!

10. Even though it's not expected, give your guest a small "thank you" gift for coming. Even if it's a small trinket (like a treat bag), it blesses your guests and lets them know you enjoyed spending time with them.

I hope some of these ideas will show you that tea parties can come in all shapes and sizes. No two parties are ever the same. Keep it simple or go all out. The choice is up to you! The possibilities are endless.

Here are some great websites to motivate you a little bit more in the area of TEA... Enjoy!




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