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Indian Masala Chai Tea

GUEST BLOGGER TODAY: For Chai Tea lovers out there... you are in for a sweet surprise today. My sweet tea-loving niece , Erica, and I were chatting online one day about a homemade Indian Masala Chai Tea recipe that she loves to make. I asked her to share it with us. She so graciously said yes! So, without any delay, let me introduce to you Erica...

The very first time I tried chai tea, I did not enjoy it. It was from Starbucks and it was made with skim milk so "the spices" could really come through, whatever that meant. I definitely thought it was spicy, but was not a fan. Oh, the foolishness of youth. 

Fast forward almost a decade later, now I love chai. I love everything about chai. It's a creamy smooth, spicy, warming, comforting, perfect cup of tea. I have got used to the way coffee shops make a chai tea "latte" from concentrate, from powder, extra sweet, with whipped cream and added flavors. But I love to try authentic when I can get it. So on my life long journey of seeking authentic foods and beverages, I stumbled upon this blog from Ann Timm who created a masala chai recipie bases on her travels in India. I highly recommend you read her post, it is very informative! https://keeperofthehome.org/how-to-make-real-indian-masala-chai-tea-in-5-minutes-2/ There are two parts to here authentic chai. First is the masala spice mix:

  • ½ cup black pepper

  • ½ cup cinnamon

  • ½ cup cardamom pods (mine were whole and I cracked them with a sharp knife, but you can use powder or pre-shelled, but then you would want to reduce this amount to about half)

  • ½ cup dried ginger pieces (or omit if using fresh)

  • ¼ cup whole cloves

To make the latte you will need:

1 cup of water

2 teaspoons of your favorite black tea (assam, Darjeeling, or even regular black tea bags work!)

-- I've also used oolong great success!

Sweetener to taste

1/2 teaspoon masala chai spice (pods crushed)

1 cup of milk or nondairy milk substitute 

Yields: 16oz. 

I used ground ginger for convenience.

Also cardamom pods are pricey clocking in around $15 the amount listed. I researched the powder and seeds and it turns out cardamom quickly loses flavor and potency once it comes out of the pod. So I left mine in the pod, mixed them in, and crack open the ones I scoop out each time.

Once the the spice mix is done you can make tea! She recommends this recipe is good for two, as it makes 16oz, but that fills my single mug just fine.

Put 1 cup of water on to boil, in a pot, not a kettle, because you will be adding milk later. Once the water boils, take back heat and add enough of your favorite strong black tea for 2 cups, sweetener if you like and 1/2 tsp of masala spice (pods crushed). Brew 4 mins.

Now slowly whisk 1 cup of milk, half and half, or milk substitute, whatever you like (I love cream in mine, makes it so rich!) as you increase the heat. You want it to just simmer, but not scorch the milk. Now remove from heat and you're going to need a fine strainer, I have one that is cup sized I got from Wal-Mart (no, I'm not getting paid, that's just where I found it!). Strain that beautiful, delicious tea right into your cup to get all the spices and tea out (or if used bags take them out pre-milk). 

A word to the wise, don't drink the last sip! Not all the spices were strained! I hope you enjoy your tea!

From Crystal: Thank you, Erica, for sharing this yummy recipe this us. I cannot wait to try it! If anyone makes this recipe and wants to share your experience or thoughts with us, please leave a comment below. If you have a delicious tea-related recipe you'd like to share on this blog, please contact me. We would love to hear from you! Thank you!

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