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Girlfriend Connection: Grow in Prayer - Read A Book Together!

Go deeper in your friendship by reading a book together.

Are you looking for something special to do with a girlfriend this spring?  Let me recommend a book study. My sweet friend, Kelly, and I have started reading SEEK: 28 Days to Extraordinary Prayer by Jennifer Kennedy Dean. We are both loving it! 

Jennifer Kennedy Dean is one of my favorite authors on prayer. I've seen her in conferences, read almost everything she's ever written, and did her 13-week Bible study last summer with a group of girlfriends (my second time of going through this study - I can't get enough!). I continue to learn from her wisdom and consider her my prayer mentor. Her writings inspire me to go deeper with the Lord through prayer. SEEK: 28 Days to Extraordinary Prayer is her newest book. She walks you through the process of seeking the Lord by taking you day by day into the issues of:





I love how this small book reaches the deep areas of my heart. I find myself thinking on these truths all day long. I highly recommend it! Not only will you grow deeper in your faith, but if you do it with a friend, you will be amazed at how it draws your heart closer to her as well. Also, your friend will get something completely different from the reading that causes you to think about things you would not have thought of on your own. I love how God teaches us through our friends!

After giving this "reading together with a girlfriend" topic some serious thought I decided to come up with some advantages of doing this. Here are a few benefits of reading together with a friend that came to mind:

Helps you connect on a deeper level.

Reading can bring up happy memories that are fun to share.

Reading can stir up a question that you need to respond to.

It can help push you and your friend to new spiritual growth.

Reveal things about yourself you need to deal with. Take it to the Lord in prayer - He cares.

Challenge you to a new interest/hobby that you never thought you could do. Give it a try!

Makes you a better listener as you give your friend a chance to share their thoughts about the book.

I'm sure there are a lot more benefits. Please let me know if you think of anything else. I'll add it to the above list. :)

I hope you will consider grabbing a friend and a cup of hot tea or coffee and begin reading. Then after each chapter, text, video, email, or Marco Polo your friend to let them know how the Lord is speaking to you through the book. Share your favorite scriptures in the chapter.  Share our heart. And above all else, commit to praying for each other throughout the time you are reading together.

Do you and your friend live close together?  Try walking together to discuss the book and to pray for each other. Or perhaps visit each other on a daily basis to share a cup of tea. Make it even more fun by rotating houses or meet at a coffee shop. Keep it simple. You will be blessed! 

A word of caution... Choose a friend you can really trust. Be selective of what you share. This is not a time to gossip or share information you know in your heart your shouldn't. Be careful with your words. Always pray before beginning anything like this, asking God to bless it, lead it, and protect it. I also recommend reading together only with women. Doing this activity with a man can be a bad idea, unless, of course, it is with your husband, brother, father, etc. We need to be careful who we share our hearts with. Just something to think about before you start.

Have a wonderful day. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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