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Day 3 - French Maple Tea

Updated: Dec 8, 2018

Maple Leaf

On day 3 of our 12 Days of Christmas Tea Tasting we will sip on a delicious cup of our Organic French Maple Tea. This is one of my new loves for breakfast! I like to drink my maple tea with a splash of coconut milk. Truly a delight!

I thought since we are tasting a maple tea today that I would find a few fun facts about maple trees. The winged seed, which moves like a helicopter when it falls from the trees, reminds me of the days of my childhood. I still remember the neighborhood kids and my brother and I playing with these seeds and being entertained for quite a while with them.

ABOUT the maple tree and maple syrup:

It was first recorded in 1540 that the Native Americans used the maple's sap for maple syrup. Aren't we glad they did?

Many maple species are tapped for sap, but most do not have a sufficient amount of sugar to be used commercially. It takes about 42 quarts of sap to make only 1 quart of syrup. Sugar, Black, and Red maple trees are used for this process. After the trees are tapped, the sap is then boiled to produce the syrup. They also use the syrup for making maple sugar or maple taffy. Yum!

Maple syrup is high is sugar, but it also contains some vitamins and minerals as well. Many people use the syrup as a sugar substitute in many recipes. However, it is most commonly poured over pancakes, french toast, and other desserts.

Even though I think all sugar should be limited in our diets, there are wonderful health benefits to maple syrup. It contains antioxidants, which help fight free radicals in our cells. It also contains zinc that can help protect and prevent various cardiovascular disorders. Maple syrup has manganese that can help in strengthening the immune system.

When buying maple syrup, be careful to read the labels. Maple-flavored syrup is loaded with refined sugar and corn syrup that are dangerous to your health. Be selective in your choice of syrup. Use the real stuff! Grade A Very Dark maple syrup is said to be the best option.

To learn even more about the health benefits and concerns of maple syrup, check out Dr. Axe's article.


Maple trees are not only used for its syrup. A lot of furniture is made from this wood along with baseball bats, and bowling pins. This colorful tree is also used in the paper industry, which has excellent printing properties.

Under the right climate conditions, the maple tree can survive more than 300 years!

The maple leaf also takes center stage on the Canadian flag. I'm sure there is a ton of history in that fact alone. Canada is the top producer of maple syrup with 80% of the world's supply.

I really hope you enjoyed learning about this gorgeous tree and all that it produces. Think about these facts as you enjoy your Organic French Maple Tea today.

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