Friendship In A Box:

Building Better Friendships - one cup of tea at a time

Tea Party for Two

As Christian women, we were born with the craving to connect with other women.  My vision for this "toolbox" is to see women build better friendships.  I use the word "build" because it shows that we have a part to play.  Great friendships DO NOT happen by accident.   We must be INTENTIONAL if we want to see our friendships blossom. It's my desire to see God's daughters nurture and develop beautiful lasting friendships .  Slowing down and unplugging from technology for a while in order to engage with a friend is critical in our fast-moving world.  Would you join me in pursuing better friendships this year?  I hope so.


This is how the Friendship-In-A-Box  works:  Choose ONE FRIEND you want to know better and invite her over for a pot/cup of tea.  A customizable invitation is included in the box to make this even more personal. There are other great tools to use to help you move forward in your friendship while sharing a treat and a cup of tea together.  Here are some of the things included:

  • Easy-to-understand instructions on how to use the box items.

  • An invitation to send to your friend.

  • Enough tea for one pot of either our English Breakfast or Assam Black Teas, plus 4 single-serve variety tea bags for each person.

  • Tea party treats and a recipe booklet (if you want to add more food on the table).

  • 40 Conversation Starters (laminated so you can use over and over) and a one-minute devotional.  You choose what is best for you and your friend.

  • A hostess checklist.

  • Hostess and friend thank you gifts.

  • A handmade friendship card to stay connected after the party.


And so much more...


All you need to contribute is a little bit of your time, some hot water, creamer (if using), cups/mugs, and a plate for your treats.  Keep it simple or go all out.  Make your party what you want it to be!  

My challenge to you: 


Pray.  Then make a list of the women you would like to get to know better.  Take one at a time and invest in them.  Why not invite one friend per month/bi-monthly over for tea/coffee?   Let's see what God will do.  Relationships take time, but little by little you will see them start to flourish like never before.


Thank you for taking this journey with me.  I would love to hear how God is moving in your friendships!

Have a great tea party!

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